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The world wasn't nerdy enough, so I was born.

9 November
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I like Bubble Tea, blue moon ice cream, black coffee, sidewalk slush, the smell of rain and dead leaves, and anything that has to do with languages. I think a lot of things are amazing, especially molecules and words. I use a power wheelchair and a very cool but admittedly rather inconvenient ventilator. I am a big fan of Jesus. Seriously. I'll probably tell you about it at some point. I write stuff, mainly poetry. I was too young to vote this year and I'm not happy about that. Besides being pro-Jesus, I am a big supporter of logic, good books, funny movies, and tasty things to drink. I have about fifty gajillion unfinished original fantasy stories in my head that will probably never get written because I don't have the discipline necessary to write prose. I also have about fifty gajillion journals that are only 1/4 full because I don't have the discipline necessary to journal every day. If you like Harry Potter, C S Lewis, Firefly or Diana Wynne Jones, you are automatically in my good books. I think Edward Cullen would be a horrible boyfriend. The quickest way to my heart is through 17th century devotional poetry and general nerdiness. Chinese food is the best ever, end of story. I am confused by but accepting of the following: Starbucks coffee shops, walruses, liberals, people who major in packaging, bus routes, and the fact that one of my brothers would like to chase tornadoes for a living someday. My best friend of 6 years has lived in Texas for the duration of our friendship, and it has made little to no difference. If you gave me $1000 I would spend it at bookstores and downtown Ann Arbor clothing boutiques. I read the American Association of Physicians Home Medical Guide for fun. One day I am going to have a pet cat. That is all.